Cynthia Erivo in THE COLOR PURPLE, photo by Matthew Murphy


John Doyle‘s production of THE COLOR PURPLE starring Cynthia Erivo, Danielle Brooks and Heather Headley is a peak theatrical experience and you are being foolish if you don’t stop reading this immediately and go buy your tickets.

Why are you still here? Do I need to tell you that the cast draws every character with such economy and theatricality that they are not just recognizable, but they radiate their humanity off the stage?  Do I need to tell you that the vocal arrangements are so glorious that they are easily the best I have ever heard on Broadway?  Do I really need to tell you that Cynthia Erivo gets a show-stopping standing ovation where the audience goes so crazy she has to hush them?

I never realized before how THE COLOR PURPLE lives in a world where all kinds of troubled souls are allowed to grow and evolve and when they do, they come together to praise God for his compassion in a beautiful polyphony of choral glorification.

I hope you bought your tickets.

Let Laura read this to you;


A gorgeous clip from the show:

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2 thoughts on “THE COLOR PURPLE

  1. Yeah…but did you like it? Just kidding…I’m on the wrong coast to see this production (damn it), but your glowing review makes me feel like I’m missing out on something very special.

  2. I really enjoyed the audio version of this review!
    I hope you include this feature with all your future reviews

    Jack Frisch
    Voting member of N.A.R.A.S (The National Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences)

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