(Front Row from Left) Eric Nelsen, Talisa Friedman, Asher Grodman and Jared Gertner  (Back Row) Emma Hunton and Corbin Bleu in the world premiere of “THE DODGERS” by Diana Amsterdam, directed by Dave Solomon at the HUDSON MAINSTAGE Theatre in Hollywood.  PHOTO CREDIT: Michael Lamont

I had a groovy time reminiscing about the late sixties with THE DODGERS until the reality of war set in with its loss of innocence resonating through this poignant new play.   THE DODGERS is filled with a commune of familiar hippie characters who struggle to help each other while the government starts the draft lottery.  Particularly good are Talisa Friedman as a “free love” woman, Eric Nelsen as a charming weasel and Corbin Bleu as a man torn between love and friends.  There is some wonderful storytelling and complex issues that sparked a post-show debate, but there is also a cliched twist of fate at a key moment and one shrill performance.  Still, I really enjoyed the writing and loved revisiting these flower power archetypes.

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