Photo by Jeremy Daniel

AMERICAN PSYCHO The Musical is a really funny dark satire of the ’80s “Me” generation with a charming, insecure psychopath as our guide.  The visuals are striking, the music is a little too “throbbing” disco to start, but settles into a campy ’80s romp, with three jukebox tunes from the era thrown in for reference.  Yes, there is gore, but no one gets killed that isn’t annoying or evil. And there we have the real problem with AMERICAN PSYCHO The Musical.  The supporting characters are so extremely caricatured that they quickly become shrill and irritating.  So much so that you want to jump up on the stage, grab the axe from Patrick Bateman, and hack them to pieces before they can order one more duck liver pâté.

Benjamin Walker as Patrick Bateman is hysterical and just about the most adorable violent singing sociopath you will see this side of Sweeney Todd.  If the supporting characters were played closer to the movie‘s level of satire, this show could have slashed the competition.  Earmark this one for a bloody good revival.

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