Quizz: 1st Show?

What was the first live play or musical that you enjoyed in the Theater?

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Mine was Herschel Bernardi in the national tour of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF.  I was twelve years old and overwhelmed by the emotional depth of the story.  Can’t wait to see Danny Burstein in the new revival.


11 thoughts on “Quizz: 1st Show?

  1. My first time in a theatre was at the original Old Globe in San Diego on a school field trip. Saw Falstaff. I was about 10. Took “Drama” in High School and found it filled with “my people”. After a hitch in the Air Force, I went to college where I took “Intro to Theatre” as my only elective. Walked into the theatre and knew I was “home”. My life has never been “normal” since.

  2. Like so many out in the provinces, my first was a tour of Webber’s Phantom. I was pretty young and didn’t really get what live theatre was about, but the spectacle blew me away and probably changed my life. As soon as the curtain fell I started bullying my parents to take me back, like wanting to get right back on the roller coaster. I took a handkerchief the next time, to shield my eyes from the cemetery pyro. It stayed in my pocket and my eyes stayed open.

  3. I was lucky to have had a father who LOVED musical theater. He worked hard to develop that same love in his daughters. I remember him playing his record of, Porgy and Bess, over and over. I was 8 or 9 and I hated it!. Eventually I began to tolerate it and soon after I was singing along. Once I was really familiar with the entire opera, my dad took me to see see it. I was mesmerized! I sat on my shiny kitten healed shoes and used my bedazzled binoculars ensuring I could see the entire stage. I sang (quietly) every word! I loved it so much! I still think about how smart my dad was to be sure I knew the music before taking me to the theater.

  4. I’m not sure. It was either Pippin or My Fair Lady.
    I had an amazing experience later. My high school drama teacher thought her students should have the experience of attending an opening night. She picked the show and we went in to the city in a school bus. The show turned out to be I Can Get It For You Wholesale. The show was panned by every paper but the ingenue was unanimously praised: it was the Broadway debut of Barbra Streisand!

  5. There was a company that brought live theater to high school auditoriums in my native Pittsburgh, and if memory serves, the first thing I saw was that company doing “The Glass Menagerie”. I later did my first play on that same stage.

  6. Do shows from the womb count?? Haha I think the first show I was alive for was Beau Jest. I don’t remember it at all, but I had that giant poster of myself naked as a baby to remember it by for the 18 years after…I’m glad that thing is gone. Too many people have seen it already.

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