If you saw the original production of FOOL FOR LOVE downtown at Circle Rep. or the Fairbanks in the early ‘80s, then you already know the one trick this pony can deliver. Even with two radiant actors like Nina Arianda and Sam Rockwell giving it their all, it’s still just a slim piece of a play. You’ve got the set-up of young turbulent love, but once you know the twist, there’s just not much else there. Some wacky, over the top sound and lighting effects and an older gentleman addressing the audience and acting like he stumbled in from another show, but that’s just dressing. The set, appropriately, looks like it’s been held in storage since the original run. The direction is facile, although I dislike it when actresses are asked to strip down and put on stockings as part of their actions. I find it puerile, demeaning and unnecessary. If you haven’t seen the show before or if you are a fan of the cast, then this is pretty much as good as this show will get. Sorry Sam Shepard.

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