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Is it a crime to be uninspired?

The new a cappella musical “in transit” starts with an announcement that all the sounds in the show will be made by humans.  As if we wouldn’t be able to tell without their guidance. As if there might be a person left in a Broadway audience that doesn’t know what “a cappella” means.  And that pretty much sets the tone of inanity that carries thru this blandly peppy, little musical. The performance I saw had 4 understudies in, but there was still plenty of talent on stage for any good musical.

You would expect an a cappella musical to be sonically interesting, but they have managed to make the songs unmemorable and too similar so it just becomes one long forced-cheery, thumping slog. The characters are two-dimensional and except for one scene of reconciliation, there is little depth or imagination. I kept getting the feeling that I was back in the ’90s watching an Off-Broadway Revue, not acceptable for the price of a Broadway ticket. But then, the audience seemed to enjoy themselves, so maybe there is a clientele for a small, uninspired musical.

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