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I think that HEISENBERG is best enjoyed without any knowledge of the plot, so I will only tell you that this is an emotionally satisfying two-handed that is sophisticated and passionate without ever being cliché. Well, maybe a little more needs to be said.  Mary-Louise Parker is back in top form as an impetuous lost soul and Denis Arndt is wonderful as a man who thinks his best days are behind him.  You might be glad to hear that there is no discussion of physicist Heisenberg or his principle of uncertainty, except in the broadest terms that all human interaction is uncertain. What is certain is that this production, insightfully written by THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT TIME‘s Simon Stephens, is beautifully acted, and tenderly directed by Mark Brokaw.

What a welcome start to this season to have entertainment that is adult and unique!

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