I saw the most adorable romantic comedy called GREEN WHALES by Lia Romeo.  There’s a lovelorn pedophile, a 38-year-old philosophy professor with Turner’s disease that makes her appear legally underage, her alcoholic sister and a commitment phobic cop.  Ms. Romeo takes these crazy characters and weaves a charming play about how we drive ourselves crazy over things that are not really important.  It’s as if Nora Ephron had given birth to Joe Orton‘s off-spring.  The cast gave nuanced, solid performances, fitting since they are all studying with the superb acting coach, Matthew Corozine.

I wish I could give you a link to buy tickets, but I caught the closing performance at the brand new Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre in the garment district.   All I can do is suggest you keep this tiny new Theater on your radar.

Matthew Corozine Studio