I was going to skip reviewing GOD LOOKED AWAY, the dreadful new show about the last Opening Night in Tennessee Williams’ career, but since there is fresh talk of transferring it to Broadway, I must speak up.


It is painfully dull and frivolous. It is written by Dotson Rader, one of Tennessee’s real-life lovers, whose greatest writing achievement to date is in Parade Magazine. And that is the level of verbal finesse you get in this weak, soggy play. Scenes have little shape and the dialogue just wanders. A crucial moment is thrown away in a phone call. Too much time is spent on a rivalry between two “himbos.” You never get to see the acid wit or lyric soul or creative brilliance of Tennessee Williams, just his lasciviousness.

Al Pacino wrestles with a southern accent and loses. He doesn’t even try to get Tennessee’s mannerisms. The usually exquisite Judith Light doesn’t enter till the second Act and then she is woefully underused. Please, let’s not waste any more time with this dreck.

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5 thoughts on “GOD LOOKED AWAY

  1. Thanks for the Tennessee on Parade review.💛 Instead of the popular Judy, Judy, Judy, all I can say is Al, Al, Al.☹🏹🎭

  2. Brava, Laura! Always love reading your reviews. They’re short and to the point. My favorite. No use going to the theater and after the first three minutes asking myself, “Am I having a good time?” and when the answer is, “No,” I then ask myself, “How can I get out of here without climbing over everybody. I should have listened to Laura.” Thank you, Laura. Your reviews have saved me theater torture on many occasions.

  3. Always enjoy these straight to the point reviews…(love the Parade Mag quip.) We were interested until we saw astronomic ticket prices; ridiculous! So glad we didn’t waste our time. When we heard Pacino was playing Tennessee Williams, first reaction was…WHAT? Mr. Pacino incapable of ANY accent but his own. Cannot even imagine how he mangled William’s drawl. Appears this play has managed to mangle Tennessee as well. Dreck, indeed.

  4. Thank you for your honest evaluation. For someone who loves theatre to put out a review like this speaks volumes. I appreciate that writing this review must have been almost as painful as sitting through a performance of this production.

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