Artist: Ted Meyer

I had a fascinating time at Ted Meyer’s art show SCAR STORIES at Muzeumm 4817 W Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA where it is in residence thru March 1, 2016. I have enjoyed Mr. Meyer’s colorful, socially aware work for a few years. His hallmark is joyous, bright pictures that are sometimes abstract forms; sometimes abstract figures.

In SCAR STORIES Mr. Meyer has assembled a group of people who have physical scars, he makes a colorful imprint of his subjects’ damage and then uses his artist’s eye to embellish the print. At the side of each painting is the subject’s photo and story. I walked in assuming that there would be coherence to the show; that people who have sustained scarring will all have a stronger spirit and a survivor’s attitude. The contrary was true. Each and every scar and owner was unique and enlightening. Not everyone grows or even survives intact, but being the subject of the art enriches each one. The paintings, the stories and the photos make a multifaceted, engrossing event. I highly recommend it.

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