OH, HELLO on Broadway


John Mulaney, left, as George St. Geegland and Nick Kroll as Gil Faizon in “Oh, Hello.” (Luke Fontana)


Even before I went to see OH, HELLO on Broadway (or “bridd-whey” as George says), I knew these guys.  I knew the mid-thirties comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney who portray two wacky codgers in their mid-seventies Gil Faizon (Kroll) and George St. Geegland (Mulaney). I knew these Upper West Side aging creative types with giant egos and tiny resumes. What I didn’t expect was the rapid fire hilarity flowing virtually non-stop throughout the show.  The jokes are sweet and loopy (“That sandwich has too much tuna!” see above).

Gil and George are roommates, co-authors and stars of their show-within-the-show about two aging roommates named Gil and George who get evicted from their Upper Westside apartment. Many of the jokes are about New York City history, Theatrical stage conventions and Steely Dan, all areas in my perview, so I was in stitches the entire evening. However, I can imagine inviting a relative from out-of-town to see the show and having them come away not understanding any of the references. For those of us who find these characters familiar, you will love this show. It is the perfect whimsical tonic for these turbulent times.

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