4 1081_Roger Bart and Kerry Butler in DISASTER! on Broadway, Photo by Jeremy Daniel Photography, 2016

DISASTER! is a spoof of the 1970’s disaster movies and boasts a cast that can only be described as “the best of the boulevard” with Roger Bart‘s zany insanity, Kerry Butler and Adam Pascal‘s loopy lovers, Rachel York‘s goofy sex kitten and wonderful Faith Prince tap dancing for her life (literally).  However, the cherry on this confection is Broadway newcomer Jennifer Simard as the Nun with a gambling addiction, who works the audience like a seasoned pro and has them in hysterics.

DISASTER! has a score of disco and pop hits, but I don’t think you can legitimately call this a musical.  The songs are used as jokes; foreshadowed by a line (“What’s that sound? Ooga Chaka, Ooga Chaka?”) so that you are expecting the song (“Hooked on a Feeling”) and elated when it shows up.  None of the songs stay around long enough to wear thin.  I laughed, I danced, I had a marvelous time.  DISASTER! is disco delight!

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