November 1st, 2016 marks the one year anniversary of ShowBuzzNYC.com and I want to say thank you for reading these reviews.  I’ve hit some amazing highs this year, like the first time I saw my review on BroadwayStars.com or when I was listed as a Critic on Show-Score.com.  I’ve written 52 posts in 52 weeks, not including a couple of reviews for TimeOutNY.  But most of all, I am having the time of my life seeing shows with friends and writing reviews.  So thank you for your support and I promise to keep it short and not too nasty (unless it is earned).  XO Laura

3 thoughts on “1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

  1. Congratulations !
    Being in the industry for all these years and loving it. One can see, you have that special eye and feelings as a fair loving critic. This as your first year with your follower’s and recognition’s, what will the future hold. Enjoy

  2. One of the most refreshing things about your writing is that it comes from the heart and mind of someone who was deeply and for a long time directly involved in producing and managing theatrical productions. Your experience, your obvious love and devotion to theater, and your sly humor are so needed and welcomed in the media today. We look forward to many more anniversaries to come!

  3. Congratulations! “What’s the Buzz, tell me what’s a happening, what’s the Buzz, tell me what’s a happening…” Love reading your brilliant, witty, concise and fair-minded reviews. Viva!

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